In the Beginning…

The path to this build began with winning a contest from the hardware review website

The prizes were a custom-painted HAF Stacker, a Cooler Master 750W 80+Gold PSU and a t-shirt.

This is the case, from receiving to exploring some of its options.

Being the combination of a “Mid” (according to CM) and mini-ITX towers, this made quite an imposing figure lurking on my doorstep.

The Mid-tower, standing by itself.

Front Panel, when installed on mid-tower (it is removable and able to be installed on mini-ITX).

Seperated, Siamese-twins standing side-by-side.

Setting the cases up in the configuration I’ll be using.

Even outside the box, this case is beasstly!

I also received the PSU and shirt! The PSU will go in my old system, which recently had a PSU failure.

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