Truth in advertwhining

Every interaction with everyone is new relation
Start from scratch or stretched for years
We don’t all make sense
We all project our worries on each other
Casting out our own fears
In a net to catch our nightmares
Don’t try to tell me it’s just the other person
My tail can only be commented about
Just. So. Many. Times.
Before the smoke indicates it’s on fire
You say I’m not dumb
Or at least not to be so sad about it
It’s just too easy for me to fuck it up
Make that choice
Which breaks the light
“It’s not my fault”
“It’s not my fault”
“I didn’t meeeeaaaan it”
I’m so scared of being alone that I cast my fear net out to catch all the emptiness I can find
Anything meaningful I manage to snag, I throw back every time

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