Synopsis –

A man who died in a civil war battle Awakens 3 days later. He is now cursed Immortal. Everytime he dies he reawakens 3 days later on the battlefield(maybe? Or maybe at place of death, though this could get complicated if he were to die in prison, at the result of the death penalty or some other spot. Then again it could be entertaining to have him awaken in a drug den after a successful od or some such). Each death leaves a scar and memories of 3 beings speaking to him. With each death the memories become clearer. His existence extends in definately. Each story arc is in a different time period (civil war, 40s, 70s, far flung future). The beings control many of his actions, placing him in circumstances to wipe out his family line and other people the beings deem as threats.


A civil war era battlefield. Cannons firing, men and horses dying. Show main character on horse, Sabre drawn slashing at men. He is a Confederate officer. The horse is Slain. The officer keeps fighting until shot down. 

First person view of a dawn sky. A Confederate Civil War soldier awakens on a battlefield. He remembers dying, but still his eyes open to a new dawn. Sitting up,  he sees the forested horizon. Looking down he sees that He has multiple holes in his shirt and pants. He appears to have no mark on his skin. He awakens with One memory. Seared into his mind is the image of his family’s plantation burning and screams chorusing from within. (imagery of plantation burning at night) 
View of woods then fields, plants and trees go from green forest to green fields to burned fields to He returns home to find the ruins of his home, slaves, family and friends lie dead among the fields and lawn. Some are shot, others cut down with swords. The only building left standing is the slaves’ quarters. He enters and finds slaughter. In his despair he gathers a length of chain and hangs himself within the building.

It is not a good hanging. He does not successfully break his neck, ending the pain. Instead he lingers, kicking as his life drains from him. His gasps turn to chokes, his neck constricts and eventually the darkness overwhelms him. End first issue. 

Again he awakens. There is no memorial for the last three days (difficult to Demonstrate time passing in this time period. Maybe show a leaf rotting from freshly fallen and leave time passed up to interpretation)

Another dawn, this time he awakens on the floor of the slaves’ quarters, the looped chain dangling above his head. He cannot believe what is happening. There seems to be no end. He decides he needs to leave this place and bury his sadness within the labors of war. He has vague recollections of a group of mysterious, hooded beings speaking to him, but he cannot remember what they said. He can only recall flashes of images appearing.  This time with some grasp of the hooded beings speaking to him. A statement of their intent to see his entire bloodline wiped from the Earth, but that they are not through with him…

Traveling north, he stumbles across a squad of Union soldiers. Unarmed, yet still dressed in his Confederate grays, he attempts to flee. They shoot him down, one lucky shot striking him in the back of the head, sending his brains along the path on which he’d hoped to escape.

Yet again, he awakens to the blazing sun. This time he stays still and appraises his situation. No family, lost in the woods, wearing clothes riddles with bullet holes. None of it makes sense. Yet, the image of the hooded figures is stronger than ever. He sees only darkness, their blue hoods and their glowing, red eyes. He clearly remembers five of them, speaking in a cacophonous voice:

You are the last of your line, but we will keep you alive, for purpose you. will not be able to die we will not let you if you do find ways to cause terminal damage to your body you will come back and you will still be ours. you have owned people before, but now you are the owned. this will not be the last time you see us and we will keep an eye on you.

Reincarnation brings him back in an intact, not immediately dying state. With one breath. In same position in reality unless it is immediately deadly. For example, when hanging himself his body dies and rapidly decomposes, then reforms over 3 days. Only suicides leave scars. 

 Extreme future nightmare scenario. Trapped in space in a space suit with no air. In space there would be no immediately better save place, so he lives and dies on one breath. 

Ideas for later dialogue, maybe not even for this story:

“Oh, I believe we owe her a new husband, or boyfriend or George Clooney or something ”

” and here I was thinking we were going light on Secret Santa this year “

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