Adventures in Line Bending

Today I began the hardline bending portion of the build. I decided to get a bit more precise in designing the lines. This resulted in me picking up some white board and peg board. This allows me to draw out my plan and mount the 90 degree mandrel to a fixed position.

Since this was my first attempt at bending the pipe, I decided to take a practice run with a 24″ piece. The first step is penciling the points of bending and at what point the line lines up with the edges of the mandrel.

This requires the use of silicone string, mandrel and a heat gun. It turns out that the power at my apartment cannot handle me cooking and running the heat gun at the same time, as running the heat gun for a few minutes resulted in all of the power to my apartment switching off. After running out for a replacement dinner and finding the outside breaker, I was able to resume the bending.

Somehow I’ve lost my shot of the final adjusted install. It will have to be in the next update!

My new work space
My first attempt at bending…okay, I knew this would take a couple of tries
In addition to warping the end, there’s some pinching in the bend itself.
Okay…so I’ve learned that I need to place my bends much further from the edges. So it’s bend first, then cut to size!
Another angle
Much better bend.
Second attempts bend is much smoother!
Third practice bend looks much better!
smooth curve
36″ tube with 3 bends…oh goodie, the bend on the right is the wrong direction. It needs to extend out at a 90 degree angle, but horizontally, then the 90 degree turn down.
I also go to learn how to completely change the angle of a bend without collapsing the line. Wooo!
This is where the end of the loop runs to the radiator. This is where the muliports come in handy. allowing me to pick a port that takes out at least one bend.
The line is set!
This is where the end of the loop leads from the reservoir.

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