Sorry for the delay, but I have been busy working on the build!

At this point I have installed all of the hardline.

I’ve water tested. I have discovered one leak from the threads of the drain valve to the reservoir. Somehow I don’t have any plumber’s tape handy, but that will be fixed as soon as the stores are open again! Then there will be pictures of the second water fill (clear) while I test under pressure, then another drain, fill with colored water, ph test, add biocide and then add lighting.

I’m going to add a windowed side to the upper/itx portion of the case and light that portion as well, unfortunately this only appears to be available directly from Coolermaster and their site is closed until 01/03. I’d like to add fans to the top of this portion of the case, but there are no fan holes, just mesh….so I’ll probably have to get creative or hope that the heat sufficiently dissipates via the mesh.

DSCN0200The boneyard

DSCN0165The filling funnel

DSCN0166fill funnel from the top

boxed cpu block/water pump

DSCN0174pump/cpu block is in!DSCN0169underside of CPU block/pump

Second video card installed


Added the fittings to the video cards



DSCN0198The line from the reservoir to the 2nd video card, installed! (surprisingly easy)DSCN0199This is where the drain valve will go1DSCN0207drain valve installedDSCN0187line from 2nd gpu to reservoir completDSCN0197line from 2nd GPU to reservoir installed! This has to get easier from here…oh wait no *criesDSCN0195line from gpu to reservoir installed

DSCN0201This little bugger from the 2nd gpu to the first was insanely hard to get right! Finally got it, but wow…



CPU, installed!

DSCN0185cpu block/pump installed


3rd line for this entry (third in the build)…wow this one was tough…though the previous and the proceeding were tougher!
Okay, so I initially wanted to exit the first video card, take a 180 degree turn, followed by 3 90 degree turns to connect to CPU… The first one I build was almost perfect, but while adjusting it I fouled one of the ends, so I tried a couple more times and realized that it would actually fit the design to go simpler!

DSCN0210final line installed


My fingers are killing me! I thought that this “s” curve would be easy. Exit CPU, 90 degree curve, 180mm, 90 degree curve…but this little angle they put on the cpu ports was annoying and added to the difficulty as a whole. I even had the piece made perfectly, but I went to fast and it must’ve been to fragile as it broke apart while trying to attach.




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