The Con of Side Rationing & Convenience Whores

(written around 2000)

The Con of Side Rationing

Consider your friends,
Thinking on their terms.
Yet you leave something out,
Cuz you’re thinking for them.
The Con of Side Rationing
     divvying up feelings
     hiding the truth
even though not telling is the equal to lying
     Consider this
     Consider that
     Consideration holds us all back

Consider yourSELF
Thinking on your own
   Yet you keep realizing
  That not everything is out
The Con of Side Rationing
     a piece for you
      a piece for me
       a piece for me
        a piece for you
Seems unfair to never open your heart
     Not what’s what’s within
     Keeping yourSELF under lock & key
          Consider peace
          Consider war
     Peace is just so difficult
          Considerations must be met
     War is so much easier
          Attacking is a cry for help
Peace, is my choice in its time
     Though I’ve attacked enough
           to know when to say when
It’s the Con of the Side Rationing
     that keeps it all away

     Consider me
         Consider you
What’s inside me I share with you
         Keeping truth above exaltation
     And you…you
   Consider that the time is near
        Consider that which you fear
          Let go of both
        and you will see
          That the only time they bind you
     is when you won’t set them free

Convenience Whores
The over simplification
     of life Personified
When even life choices
     are left to the most
     comfortable of rides
Take the easy way out
Go with what’s in front of you
No reason to drown in a drought
When you just take what’s given
May as well take the life your sold
Why keep diggin you’ve found coal
     don’t strive for gold
Hey! Obesity in a famine
     that’s the way to go!
   So much easier to eat poison
     than save up for t-bone
Let’s just go with what we’re taught
Just ignore that highest thought
Go with the choices that have been
     made for you
Stick with your opinions to others,
     ignore you
   Why take love?
          When you can have lust?
Lust is so much easier to sate
Hell, why does love even rate?
   Better to live in a hole
        than to have to work to elevate
   Take the easy way out
   live the life you’ve
        already been sold on
Why make a choice?
      Live out decisions
   that reach back to forefathers
Think I’m going to start
     rounding the corners
        make the triad into a circle
Cuz I can see the convenience
     of buying a whore
Least you’d get what you expect
Well… In one aspect
   Least she won’t tell your
       heart anything you need to reject
          and if you tip her well
           at least she’ll pretend to show you

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