Imprisoned Belief 

Reaching out to touch another

Feeling restrained 

Prevented from extending 

Beyond my tunnel 

By a film of mental mucus 

A membrane of restraint 

Within myself 

If it breaks, is it release? 

To freedom or insanity 

Release from my own bindings or 

Losing myself in the swarm? 

No connection with anyone 

Destraught, withdrawn, in solitary 

Webs of my beliefs, 

Prevent me from seeing your side 

I could shred them, but would I still exist? 

No connection to anyone 

Distraught, withdrawn  alone 

Can’t find my feeling to be whole 

Don’t try and tell me what you know 

I can’t hear beyond my own thoughts anyway 

Don’t try and share a better way 

I fear I’ll lose myself, 

I’m so important 

My fear blinds me to the thought 

That I can be wrong 

Your  opinion is an affront to my well being 

Don’t try and tell me what you think 

Unless you’ve got the same opinion 

I broker no objections 

I cannot accept that which does not reside within my head 

Follow my words or cease existing 

No thought 

No opinion 

No belief 

Except my own 

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