Musical Development

I’ve kept an ever evolving taste in music. Since the time Dennis Cutter dropped a deadest onto my ears, gracing my ears with the symphonic introduction to Faith No More’s “Zombie Eaters”, I have chosen music. Prior to and including this moment, I only listened to music that was presented to me. Whether the presentation was whatever my mother played in the car or whatever I could find on the radio. While not unique, I would create mix tapes from songs I heard on the radio.

I also allowed my tastes be swayed by friends in less intrusive manners, such as Lord’s of Acid’s “Voodoo U” (Thanks Debbie) or Primus’s “Sailing the Seas of Cheese” (Thanks April). All while constantly trying to avoid direct influence from the radio.

At one point I purchased albums based on their cover art, all of it created by Dave McKean. There a surprising number of options. The two that most stuck with me were toad the wet sprocket’s “Fear” and Fear Factory’s “Demanufacture”. Between those two is a broad difference in genres. Brought together, into my ears, by the designer of their album covers.

My current tastes are influenced more by who made the music. More so than the content of their lyrics, their personalities, approachability even outlook on left weighs more for me. THis isn’t a hard science, more of a fluid motion of observations and interactions. Supporting those who support. Caring for the creations of those who will remember a fan’s face from a previous tour (Blag Dahlia from The Dwarves for example). More personally I would refer to my interactions with Amigo.

Painfully, the first time I had a chance to catch an Amigo the Devil concert, I ignored him. It was a concert consisting of Moon Men From Mars, Gargamel! and Dog Fashion Disco. Based on the other bands, a one-man folk performance was not what I was looking for. A day or two later, I listened to his work. I loved what I heard and amidst a cloud of self flagellation over ignoring his prior show, I made a point of correcting this.

I made a point of reaching out, via Facebook, and making it known I was going to attend his Southern Fried Sunday show on an upcoming weekend. While I was recently getting into the music scene, I had a grasp of an SFS show. What I was not prepared for was Danny.


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