I can’t even

When you say, “he was turned down and this ridiculed him, so his shooting her is validated” I hear:

His feelings were hurt so murder was appropriate.

Your friend who was abused by her husband deserved to be beaten into unconsciousness when he had a bad day at work.

This woman deserved to be stalked and murdered because she never spoke to get killer but he imagined she’d say no.

Your friend deserved to be arrested when he called the police on his abusive wife because he didn’t put her in her place.

My step son had the right to tell my daughter, put some shampoo on it, it will taste better.

I should raise my daughter to expect violence and abuse from anyone she gets into a relationship with.

Your wife should be happy you put up with her and accept the occasional smacking and insults.

Every woman I know has been abused in some way shape or form by a family member or significant other and you want to say they deserve it because men have feelings? That abuse, power and physicality are the only ways to convey those feelings? That if a man doesn’t use these things to convey his feelings he deserves mistreatment at her hands?

How about you step outside your own ego long enough to consider what you are saying. I’m not going to wait for you, I’m already gone.

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