Lingering Spirits v3

There’s a picture of three ghosts beside my bed

A mother, a daughter and a dad

They look so familiar

Like the whisper of a dream

As if I sit here long enough

They will appear alongside of me

They look like such nice people

So happy and alive

My mind can almost place their names

The memory keeps scratching

From the inside of my mind

The thought forming a beak

Chipping its way through

The eggshell of my skull

There’s a picture of two ghosts beside my bed

A man and woman hand and hand

like this will never end

Surrounded by pure nature

They face towards each others beauty

On the sculpted bench of memory

They look like happy people

So glad to be alive

I think about them every day

together until they die

Future plans of holding hands

Into elderly life

Gliding through shared life

Basking in a shared light

There’s a picture of a ghost beside my bed

An empty eyed, hollowed-faced young man

I recognize his face

I stare at it every day

Faced with the stark reality

That life falls into bleak entropy

He looks back at me brows wrinkled

As if I’m out of place

As though I am the reflection

And he is the one breathing

He being the reality,

Me the refracted light

Horror claims my mind

He winks and says good night

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