Intro to R2W

It was a bright, sunny day. I was driving, listening to liquid metal on Sirius/ XM. The DJ says, “Up next a new track from Mike Patton!”. Considering i was pretty up to date on my Patton info, i was a bit surprised.

Wolf in Jesus Skin began to play. I listened intently, thinking, “This isn’t Mike, but i like it! “. I immediately went to the music store and ordered ‘Purgatory Dance Party “.

I listened to Purgatory very regularly and introduced as many people as i could to Polkadot Cadaver. Little did i know that there were other bands with the same frontman or even that there was an original band that started the phenom, but my friend Jeremy Boreske and i found them and plumbed them to their depths.

It turned out that the original band, Dog Fashion Disco had reunited and were releasing a new album. Jeremy and I found the opportunity to catch them in Orlando, performing with the Moonmen from Mars, Amigo the Devil and Gargamel!. This show is forever captured in my mind and the attached photograph taken by DFD’s lead singer, Todd Smith. As time has moved forward the members from all of these bands from this show have become not only talented artists that inspire me, but also friends and close acquaintances.

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