Marty Boe in Atlanta

I was Rocking my white fur, while sauntering with my fiancee and our friend Jessica from our hotel to the Masquerade, prepared to be blown away by Polkadot Cadaver, when we first met Tim.

Tim was walking away from the club, with his daughter. We shook hands and he said he’d see me at the show but had to take his daughter to the hotel.

Everything was going great, as we descended the stairs, into the depths of the Masquerade, the anticipation for the show building. That was until we were about to clear the security gate.

The guard said our bags were too big and we had too many. They were not going to allow us to bring in the bags with our photography equipment and other essentials. I mentioned that we were friends with the band and they expected us to bring the equipment. The guard says that doesn’t change the clubs rules and that i should speak more respectfully to him.

Having been completely respectful, but now perplexed and getting a bit angry, i begin to gather a reply, when Tim walked by. He said, “Hi Marty! ” and looked around at the small group. The guard says to Tim, “you know him?” On Tim’s ascent he looks at me and says, “you’re lucky, this guy knows how to act respectful and if he says you’re good, you’re good”, letting us pass with all of our belongings. As we walk away, Tim says, “they even confiscated my sharpies… have fun! ” and disappeared into the Mushroom Cult crowd milling in and about three club.

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