Users use while addicts add

Considering that we’re all consumers

At some level we take in and excrete

Within every moment of existence

That does not mean we’re all users

Users consume without the excretion

Without giving back

Taking is all consuming and drives every decision

Leads every avenue to the same dead end

Well all paths lead to death no matter which turn you take

Yet not all of them have to be made up of taking

Taking choices from other people

Taking their time to make sure that every action

Leads to their perceived benefit

To the point of their using becoming addiction

An addiction that is the only thing

That provides them with the positive feedback

The only neural stimuli that feels like pleasure

Dopamine producing abuse of the people around them

Whether doing so to fill their perceived inner hole with




Programming themselves to that these things are the goal their brains seek

Anything to fill that high

To bring themselves to that level that can only be achieved by this imaginary state

A construction designed to override judgment and decision-making

No longer are the cries of their children heard

No longer can they feel their knuckles as their fists find flesh

No longer do they taste the blood after they’ve bitten their tongue in convulsion

No longer do they smell their own shit as they die

Adding to reality only pain, fear and death


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