Original Intermittent Unrequited Date


I see you 

at the show 

I find you 

wherever you are

we dance together

we fly

Through the crowd

Passing time

So familiar

The more we know

So close

The more we’re alike

So far

the less we feel 

So long

Another time

Another show

I follow along

Of we do

Together forever

Onto the show

This is the place

We’re settling down

Whether you know it or not

Casually here

Edging along your line of sight

Stealing across your conscious thought

I’m Here with you

I’m Here with you

I’m Here with you

I’m Here with you

Another Dawn another day

Together we walk

Taking in the sun light

I’m right here

With you

To the store 

To the shop 

A coffee and go

It’s so nice to come along

It’s great to have so mutch in common 

Then it’s back To the show

Bumping into you

Long time no see

Another chance to brush against you,  


You lay down

Exhaustion s consumed you

I sneak in to steal a whiff

I inhale 

As you stir

I fade away

You smell so mutch better when you’re asleep

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