Lucid Consciousness

Person awakens in a living room, sitting with several strangers. Living room decrepit. Yellowed walls. Only decoration or visual display is an ancient console based tube TV with a VCR on top. There is an old high end video camera on tripod to the left of the TV in the corner of the room. A door to the left.

The strangers are all hanging out like it is a normal night, conversing, joking, smoking and drinking. The TV is turned off.

One of the strangers, sat in a recliner to the side, notices the guest is awake, what’s to one of the hosts on the couch. Picks up a remote control from an end table and turns on the TV. Static fills the screen

The Hosts show a video of a woman being horribly tortured in the same room with the Guest, on the same couch, which is now revealed to be covered in white plastic.

After hanging out as if just having a good time the Hosts begin torturing the Guest

Some of the people in the room are not participating in the torture. More Guests?

Throughout movie the point of view shifts to the Guest’s after awhile the shadows begin dancing

Break away stories are origins of the other people, revealing which are really Guests and which are really Hosts

It is revealed that all of the water given to the Guest has been laced with LSD

At some point Guest begins laughing

The shadows take firmer shape into monsters

The Guest, speaking what sounds like gibberish is actually talking about how something went wrong at some point in his lift and his hallucinations become real

A host folds in on themself as if reality were pinched and vision of that area is fish-eyed

Others begin screaming as blood and limbs begin flying from shadowy sythes


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