The Last Spell Board Game

Base board 4 piece foldaway

Buildable items are cardboard tiles

Characters (1-4 players) Each is sort of a blank slate with baseline pictures. Armor covers slots or picture. Weapons go into left or right hand. Shield in another hand. 2h weapons specified. item belt, 4 items.

Character attributes, rolled with initial 1d6. There are also bonus skills and negatives. Game can be played on multiple difficulties. One setting is these side attributes. Easy means the players each get 1 positive attributes. Normal means the players each get 1 positive and two negative attributes. Hard means the players get 1 positive and 3 negative attributes

initial class can be selected

Initial equipment randomly grabbed from common equipment stack 1 weapon, 1 shield, unless 2h weapon gets no shield. Weapon determined by class (ranged, melee, magic)

Enemy tokens have a fear amount and xp amount

Points per turn determined by total of attaching creatures and decreases by proximity to the magic circle

Darkness points based on another attribute on monster token

Light points based on damage dealt and health recovered

Two Phases

Day Phase. Identify direction of next night attach, Set up defenses, recruit characters, build, use buildings. Place characters.

Night Phase. Defenses first. Monsters Second. Defenders third.


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