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Cosmetics before move

In the coming months, I will be moving. When that occurs, I will be giving another shot at UV Orange Coolant. It appears that pretty much everyone has gotten out of the market of making it anymore, so I’m rolling the dice on a brand that I don’t know as well.

Until then, here’s the latest couple of updates.

So…I found a radiator cover that is black carbon and orange…perfect!
Okay….don’t look close at the screws i have to get new screws for mounting…
My friend Red Max from Hardware Asylum sent me an elusive item, in a very odd shaped box
Yes! The “out of inventory” everywhere side window!
It seems the reps at Coolermaster found one for us, so we are this much closer to completion!
Lights off
trying to show off, but the UV just shines blue under this light
yet turning the flash on…
causes quite a glare
Since the cameras out and the internal lights are on
I may as well get some main rig pics!
Red also sent me some vinyl!
Installed and ready to go!

UV Dye, Yay! Oh wait no….

So I received my order for the Primochill UV Orange Dye today. Strangely….just like the UV Orange Coolant, the UV on the packaging was marked out with black marker. I still added the dye, it at least improved the color, but is definately not UV reactive….e-mail sent to http://www.performance-pcs.com . yay fun. I have also sent my 3rd e-mail and tried to call about the broken cathode that I received, but still not response from http://www.adorama.com .

On the plus side, my 3 new fans came in. I’m setting them up to specifically be quiet. They are the same as the 3 intake fans that I have set up for the radiator in color. 2 are 120mm and 1 is 140mm. They work great at least.

2 – 120mm Thermaltake Riing fans for the front intake.
1 – 140mm Thermaltake Riing fan for the exhaust. Also you can see how faint the coolant is.
After dye has been added. I didn’t use the whole bottle, so there’s more orange to go if I want. I kind of want to get some yellow to match up with the rest of the color scheme. At least the color did improve.
Its not that it looks bad, it just doesn’t glow as I’m really aiming for. 
With the side window on.
Hardware Asylum for supplying the case.
Exhaust fan lit up
Intake fans lit up

New keyboard, spray paint and consideration

Soooo, there’s a few delays, I’m still waiting for the UV Orange Dye. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get the side window for the 915, upper portion of the case. Coolermaster seems to have abandoned the case altogether and doesn’t even have replacement parts. I’m tempted to mod it myself, but with it being my first attempt at a side panel mod, I’d at least like to have a back up. I had a 3rd cathode coming in, but it came in broken, sooo waiting on the customer support of Adorama.

While waiting I found a deal on a G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB (brown switches for around $100 after some running around), so I picked it up. I’ve been running a Steelseries 6GV2 (black switches) for several years, but the “C” key seems to over poll and I’ve had issues with that keyboard since purchase. I’ve also owned a Steelseries Apex (rubber domes and it was soooo wide), a Corsair RBG Red (never worked as I wished it to and returned to Best Buy), and a Corsair with brown switches (LEDs started dying within a day and they couldn’t replace the board with the exact same one, so I got a refund from Corsair). Anyways, I also wanted orange LEDs, but despite paying $50 more for a Ducky Shine 4, I would have to go RGB. For RBGs I was considering this G.Skill, the silent switch Corsair Strafe (currently only available at Best buy for ~$160) or a Ducky Shine 5 with Natural White Cherry MX switches (first RGB on switch for Cherry), running around $160 on eBay. I didn’t go with this just because it was cheaper, but I liked the extra buttons, the design and its basically comparable the rest of the keyboards (okay, supposedly Corsair’s software has improved over my previous experience and supposedly better than the G.Skill’s software, but to be honest, I just set this keyboard up and it did exactly what I wanted with no issues). The better benefit of the Ducky Shine 5 is that there is not “key bleed” (light shining outside of the keys, the Natural Whites only shine through the key itself, so that it highlights just the character).

Another fun thing was pH testing ORANGE water….no matter what I did the results were orange…so with a suggestion from my friend [XMEN]Gambit, I went with a digital pH meter.

Now for pictures and a couple of videos:

A clean picture. I guess I didn’t get the radiator completely drained, so the fluid was diluted, though it wasn’t UV reactive anyways and the dye will fix this.
Goodbye white boxes! I painted them with headlight tinter and now there will be no white boxes hanging out in my case.
And black electrical tape on the LEDs, Blue lights be gone!


pH test kit


Buffer for water to test the calibration of the meter.


Key caps…great…red…okaaaaay. Included key puller in the top and the box clips to the back of the keyboard.
The desk all of this belongs with. Unfortunately I have to reroute my cabling again, but its mostly done already and I just need to fix the basket that holds the extra cables.


I wish the under-desk LEDs would do orange…closest is either red or off-white


Stock, individual key lighting. I almost like the “key bleed”, as it fills in the space. Still pondering…
Orange…thank you blurry camera!

Holding water

Today marks the second filling of water (maybe third) and the water system test. Now to leave it running for a day or so.

I say second filling because I had a leak at the drain valve, fixed with some plumbers tape, the fixing of which lead to a leak in the fitting on the bottom of the reservoir. So I guess I found the weak spot, as this fitting is real close to a turn and was much more difficult to reseat than it was to initially connect.

Tomorrow I’ll drain the distilled water and fill with the colored water. Then connect a couple of lights.