Creators & Consumers

Let’s Talk about Creators and Consumers.

It’s not hard to picture that everyone is a creator. Not just in the consideration that when we digest food… we create excrement as our bodies dispose of what they cannot use. More in the thought of artistic creation…the manipulation of the energy and mass surrounding us… or whatever you consider the space around us. Reality even.. converting it via creations on a screen, phone, monitor, television, paper, carving wood, crochet… Whatever people look at, listen to, experience with. To become something you’ve pictured within your mind, heard within your inner ear, that distinct flavor you can imagine… That opens another’s mind as it captures their interest. So much so that when they shut their eyes at the end of the night it lingers… Sticks with them inspiring them to create, dream, relax, hate, despise…react. It makes an impact in somebody somewhere in some which way.

Whether that is a positive impact, negative impact, that’s really not here nor there. Not trying to say that it needs to be determined as good, bad or ugly. Leaving the world worse off or better by its existence. More along the lines that In the same case that everyone is creating And that every single person can create. Whether they apply themselves to it or not Or even if they just think about things and just don’t act on the creation… They’re also all consumers. Every. Single. One. Again, not just in the fact that when I shove things in my mouth… I’m consuming. But even when they are watching TV, Listening to music, Reading a book or walking around outside, Observing nature or even other people…

Even people watching is a form of consumption of other people’s interactions and lives And whether you take that in or take that internalization while imagining the conversation across the room, as if you are filling in the words of another’s conversation you’re still consuming. Now still again, If you’re expressing to your friend, Your thoughts on what they might be talking about in that other conversation… Sure you’re consuming and turning it around into creation… Because creation and consumption feed each other In a circle Just like eating and having poop come out. Poop goes into the ground Fertilizes the soil Plants come up We eat or another animal eats the plant and we eat the animal… It’s a cycle Not just Cycle of Life… But you’re also looking at the cycle of creation Cycle of consumption… Decay… Detritus… Diminishment… Capacity loss due to too much consumption of……things?

Kinda might lead to you to where you forget words Or where you were going with things in the first place. And then you end up having to try and go and figure out where you were when you started this whole thing. Blah blah blah information equals power equals money equals time

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