The Last Spell Board Game

Base board 4 piece foldaway

Buildable items are cardboard tiles

Characters (1-4 players) Each is sort of a blank slate with baseline pictures. Armor covers slots or picture. Weapons go into left or right hand. Shield in another hand. 2h weapons specified. item belt, 4 items.

Character attributes, rolled with initial 1d6. There are also bonus skills and negatives. Game can be played on multiple difficulties. One setting is these side attributes. Easy means the players each get 1 positive attributes. Normal means the players each get 1 positive and two negative attributes. Hard means the players get 1 positive and 3 negative attributes

initial class can be selected

Initial equipment randomly grabbed from common equipment stack 1 weapon, 1 shield, unless 2h weapon gets no shield. Weapon determined by class (ranged, melee, magic)

Enemy tokens have a fear amount and xp amount

Points per turn determined by total of attaching creatures and decreases by proximity to the magic circle

Darkness points based on another attribute on monster token

Light points based on damage dealt and health recovered

Two Phases

Day Phase. Identify direction of next night attach, Set up defenses, recruit characters, build, use buildings. Place characters.

Night Phase. Defenses first. Monsters Second. Defenders third.


Lucid Consciousness

Person awakens in a living room, sitting with several strangers. Living room decrepit. Yellowed walls. Only decoration or visual display is an ancient console based tube TV with a VCR on top. There is an old high end video camera on tripod to the left of the TV in the corner of the room. A door to the left.

The strangers are all hanging out like it is a normal night, conversing, joking, smoking and drinking. The TV is turned off.

One of the strangers, sat in a recliner to the side, notices the guest is awake, what’s to one of the hosts on the couch. Picks up a remote control from an end table and turns on the TV. Static fills the screen

The Hosts show a video of a woman being horribly tortured in the same room with the Guest, on the same couch, which is now revealed to be covered in white plastic.

After hanging out as if just having a good time the Hosts begin torturing the Guest

Some of the people in the room are not participating in the torture. More Guests?

Throughout movie the point of view shifts to the Guest’s after awhile the shadows begin dancing

Break away stories are origins of the other people, revealing which are really Guests and which are really Hosts

It is revealed that all of the water given to the Guest has been laced with LSD

At some point Guest begins laughing

The shadows take firmer shape into monsters

The Guest, speaking what sounds like gibberish is actually talking about how something went wrong at some point in his lift and his hallucinations become real

A host folds in on themself as if reality were pinched and vision of that area is fish-eyed

Others begin screaming as blood and limbs begin flying from shadowy sythes


What does it mean to be a part of Team Bad Decisions?

There. Are. No. Right. Decisions.

Every decision results in a worse result no matter what choice is made

Success is hanging from a string

Just when it brushes my fingertips

It’s nudged just a hair’s breadth away

It doesn’t matter. If. I. Leap.

It doesn’t matter. How. I. Try.

It doesn’t matter. When. I. Relax.

I drop

I fail

I break

Happiness is balanced on a pin

Just when I’ve found the balance

It shifts, the needle lodged within my heart

It doesn’t matter. If. I. Squeeze.

It doesn’t matter. If. I. Shift.

It doesn’t matter. If. I. Release.

I crack

I stick

I fall

Hopefully this clears it up

If not just watch

This is all on display

Just don’t watch to long or you’ll become a part of the team

Cast Adrift upon a bottomless sea (Styrofoam Dream)

Cast adrift in a bottomless sea

Grasping to a styrofoam dream

Gripping tight this last gasp

One more glimpse at the sky


With exhaustion

Followed by Frostbite

Was that a nudge against my leg? 

Fingers raisins

Final flex

I let go


Sinking into fathomless depths

farewell life preserver

The sun a fading star 

in a rippled sky

Darkness descending now

Was that a passing cloud?


And flailing

Lungs aflame 

A final lunge and thrust

I’m bitten

And wrenched apart


So many teeth

Good bye, Thank You

There’s a tattoo on my brain

It’s in the shape of your name

Unconsciously poking at it

Probing for that missing tooth

Every time it hits the nerve

I sink into self doubt

My negative self talk screams

I am not worthy

I do not deserve

I am a

I am not

Weeks we spent in constant contact

Washed away with no warning

Choosing the healthy path I walk away

Reality rears it’s head and laughs

My negative self talk screams

I am not worthy of

I do not deserve this

I am a burden

I am not worth it

Our interactions become unimportant

Doxers harassing me

A close friend is homeless

My brother is dying

My child is sick

While I wish you were here to support me like I was there for you

I am screaming

I am not worthy of this

I do not deserve this

I am not a burden

I am not worthy of your

Consider this your eviction notice

There’s no more room inside my head

I only wish the best for you

I hope you get the help you need

Good bye

I am not worthy of this treatment

I do not deserve this neglect

I am not a burden

I am not worthy of your disdain

Day at the zoo

I’m just better off viewed from a safe distance

Don’t feed the animal, he’ll want to interact

Stay behind the fencing or risk loss of life and limb

Please don’t pet him behind the ears, he’ll think he deserves affection

Keep the windows rolled up, hands on the wheel, and eyes straight ahead

Please don’t make eye contact, he doesn’t deserve the respect

Thank you for confirming all of these understandings

Please be safe and continue along your journey