Is it just me?

(late nineties)

Maybe something is wrong with me, but I don’t understand.

How a man can cheat behind the back, of the one he proposebly loves

Does this show the strength of him?

Maybe I’m just weird, yet, in this loveless agree,

I still believe in romance.

I don’t want a girl with the foreplay of “take off your pants”

Maybe I’m just stupid

I find it easy to fall in love.

I try to make things fit, no square pegs in my round holes.

Of course, I know I’m blind

Unless it’s in front of my face.

If something’s there and I can’t believe it, it disappears, without a trace.

Y’know , I might be none of these,

I’m too stubborn to change the truth

When I’m falling for a girl, it’s like jumping off a roof

Who has the proof?

Just because me head squeaks, doesn’t mean anything is loose

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