Down Size Me

Maybe you just missed it

Maybe you don’t care

But the car is gone

All that’s left are sport utilities

Driving Oxygen down

Global Temps are on the rise

You’ll be riding higher and higher

While truck sales keep going up

You can down size me

Why be so complacent

Where’s your empathy

Your green thumb is black

Environmental hypocrisy

Impact going up

In step with respiratory distress

Takes more energy to drive and drive

You keep buying them up

You can down size me

More mass takes

More energy to move

You really need to use that much space?

No you just want to take it up

You really care about our place?

Take your mask off and show your true face

I know I’ll never get it

I’m just spitting air

Whining about our mass suicide

I should ride a bicycle

On 250 mics of LSD

It’s just a ride just a ride

Our grandchildren’s grandchildren

May have to buy air to survive

Fine, you keep taking up more space

I will continue to choose to down size


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