And it Begins…

While waiting for the primary parts, I figured it was time to tear the case down and see what can be done with it. I intend to go with no optical drives. I reached the point with the tear down that I was able to get rid of almost all of the drive cages. I also discovered an SSD socket on the back of the motherboard plate.

These are the parts that I’ll install for this round.

eVGA SuperNOVA g2 850W Power Supply

Power supplies seem to always come in bags. It really seems like the manufacturers expect us to carry these around. I can see the party now, “Hey do you have a power supply?” “Well as a matter of fact I do and look at this great bag!”

It also came with a bag to carry any extra cables and accessories.

Being a fully modular power supply, installation becomes so easy. That and you get enough cables to make it rain.

Here’s how the Power Supply installs, when using the upper portion of the case.

This is how it looks from behind. If you look at the bottom of the picture, you can see the chrome black plate that covers the i/o panel for the upper portion of the case.

On the lower portion of the case, I’ve installed the back plate for the Power Supply hole

For the SSD, I’ve gone with my second Mushkin. The first one has been running for 5+ years without a hitch.

While I can’t do anything with the RAM yet, here’s pictures of it anyways. I love the looks of these sticks.

The cooler I’ve run with is the Glacer 240L v2. The best benefit being that it is expandable, without voiding the warranty.

One item that will be adjusted is the Radiator. A first minor gripe will be the fin count in the radiator. As you can see here, there is lots of space between these fins. The good being is that the fan being used doesn’t have to be “high static”, but the overall cooling capabilities are usually less.

Now to tear down the case. I discovered a few interesting things.

Like, 2 more spots for fan placement!

Lots of hard drive cages in the way for the air flow…oh wait, those can go away

Oh wait, everything is removable and there appears to be an 80mm fan here! Not a fan of this thought, it’d make a lot more sense for it to be a 120mm fan…

If you look closely, you’ll see that the front panel has been reoved. After some fiddling, I was able to install it on the top portion of the case.

Oh look, fans!

By this point, I’ve discovered the SSD slot on the back of the motherboard tray. So let’s put an SSD there!

Now I get to put the water cooling radiator

I’ve screwed it into the side-wall of the top portion of the case and begun to run the cables for the Power Supply.

Time to…pull out more drive cages!

This is starting to get roomy. Let’s see what we are looking at downstairs.

Finally, if I didn’t have a hard drive cage collection before, I definitely do now!

The next update will be the installation of all the PHUN stuff!

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